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Founder, CEO & Artistic Director of NOT A _

Magician, Photographer & Videast

Before being the founder of NOT A _, 

Nicolas has been performing Magic for 10 years now. 

Through Magic, he started to take cards in photography. And everything changed fast. 

One year after started Instagram, Ellusionist, the number one company, spotted him to become their Head photographer. 

Daniel Madison also asked him to be a part of the unique and known secret group : The 52 as the 10 of clubs. 

Through photography, Nicolas discovered a passion to share ideas to people through Art. 

He then wrote his first book EXI(S)T and he is now here today with NOT A _ and his first NOT A DECK : Adrift. 

Discover more NOW.

About the Artist

Being an Artist for Nicolas is someone who is acting for people first. Who want to share and help through Art. 

"With my first book and the feedbacks I got, I understood the power of sharing through Art to help people. It was such an incredible human experience and connection. 

With my first NOT A Deck, Adrift, I want to share some huge part of my life and a building philosophy started for years. 

To me, Adrift is NOT about the visual, it's about the meaning behind you can now discover on our product page and in my teaser. 

We are all together in this ocean and waves. When someone is Adrift, you can help him. 

You can. 

I love you."