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ADRIFT by Nicolas Nargeot & Antoine Dreno is now available. 

Adrift represents a deep and meaningful love for Ocean shared by both Artists. 

However, their meanings are different : Let yourself to the Adrift or don't be ? 

Discover these NOW.

  • NICOLAS' Thoughts

    I have been thinking about this deck for years. 

    Adrift represents our fight. 

    I imagine our life as an ocean. 

    Waves are people. 

    Waves are projects. 

    Waves are emotions. 


    So you can decide : take the wave or face the wave ? 

    But sometime the wave'll take you down. And you'll hurt the ground. So hard. 

    The most important thing here is : don't be Adrift. 

    Being Adrift is a choice, it's a weakness. 

    But the strange thing is, I learnt way more when I was Adrift. 

    I learnt way more when I suffered. 

    But I didn't stay is this state of mind. 

    I decided to fight. 

    You can be adrift, but a short period of time or it’ll destroy you. 


    Don’t be adrift, face the wave, rise to the surface and learn from it. 

    Don’t be adrift. You won’t control anything, you’ll only follow the general wave. 

    Being adrift is a choice. 

    If you’re not happy, if you stay to the ocean floor, it’s your choice. 

    It’s you’re choice to be adrift. 


    Adrift is a tribute. A tribute to my love for ocean. My fights in life. And a tribute to my friend Anh, who died in a drowing when I was 17. It was one of my very first wave I took in the face and didn’t know how to deal with it. And it’s the first event I learnt so much from and I’m still learning. It changed my life. Because life don’t care about who you are, about you plans. Death can take you. 


    We don’t have time to be adrift. 

    With Adrift, I want you to fight. 

    I want to you to choose and deal with your waves. 

    Be confident. 

    Don’t be adrift, or life will take you in situation you don’t want to. And you’ll stay adrift. 

    Do what you want, say what people don’t want to hear. 

    Don’t be adrift, or you’ll sink. 


    I decided to fight.

    This is Adrift. 

    This is our fight. 

    All together, we can help each other.

    We are not alone here, in this ocean.

  • Antoine's Thoughts

    "Ocean is us. 

    Always searching for something. 

    Looking forward, 

    Going backward.

    This furious beauty. 

    Trying to fight it, 

    Seeing the dark through the light.

    Accept your fears.

    It's rageous, you have to be courageous. 

    Control it, feel it, FEAR IT ! 

    It's watching you. 

    Your eyes are oceean, 

    Go all the way through this journey.

    Let yourself to the Adrift". 



    Printed by Cartamundi in Belgium on their improved B9 finish.


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